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Installation of protection against car theft or motorcycle theft.

Stealing a car or motorcycle is a very common action. The theft is made for resale. Or for sale for spare parts.

Even in cars or motorcycles there are regular anti-theft protection systems. But they are not reliable.

We are often called by happy owners who have found their car. We repair ignition locks and door locks. And then we overwrite the data in the immobilizer. So that thieves can't use the keys they have again.But we warn you right away that the standard protection system is not reliable.

And more than 80% are asking to install additional protection against theft.

Autolocksmithhelp installs additional protection against theft of your vehicle.

Installation is carried out on cars and motorcycles.

In terms of time, the installation takes about 4-6 hours.

The cost of installation is many times lower than the cost of your vehicle.

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