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Mercedes Electronic Steering Lock EIS ESL PROGRAMMING W204 W207 W212

This list is for Mercedes W204 W207 W212

Electronic steering lock

This is the Programming of the ELV emulator

Not a repair service.

We do not repair the steering lock . Because sooner or later, the problem with him will appear again.

Almost all Mercedes Benz cars have an electronic steering lock (ESL ELV).

There are several ESL ELV breakdowns. This is an engine failure. Or an in-circuit violation of electronic data in the interior of the chip.

Any of these breakdowns, when contacting the dealer, turns into huge expenses for the client.

Since the repair of ESL ELV does not give a 100% result.

We offer the installation of the ESL ELV emulator.

What you should pay attention to:

If the steering lock is noisy when opening or closing, this is the first sign that it will soon fail.

What are the symptoms that ESL ELV has already broken:

The car won't start. and the steering does not unlock

The key will turn in the electronic ignition lock (EIS/EZL), but will not start

Lack of dashboard illumination when turning the key in the EIS (electronic ignition lock)

The electronic steering lock (ESL/EVL) is not audible when the key is inserted into the EIS lock.

The steering wheel cannot be turned even by inserting the key into the EIS.

Fault codes :

9003, control unit N26/5 ESL/ ELV. No feedback during unlocking. The steering is energized.

9005, control unit N26/5 ESL/ ELV. Communication error.

A22449 - The electronic ignition lock is faulty. There is an internal electrical fault.

A25407 - The electronic steering lock is faulty. A mechanical malfunction has occurred.

A25408 - The electronic steering lock is faulty. There is a signal error or the message is incorrect.

A25409 - The electronic steering lock is faulty. There is a component malfunction.

A25464 - The electronic steering lock is faulty. There is an implausible signal.

You need to send us an EIS (electronic ignition switch)

Working key

Buy this service

After the purchase, you will receive a message from us with additional information

Remove the EIS (Electronic ignition switch) from the vehicle using a working key

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