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Repair of the ignition switch Ford Transit 2016.

Since Ford Transit is very often used for commercial purposes. And during the working day, the driver can turn on and off the ignition dozens of times.

Therefore, the ignition lock stops working for cars.

Since each ignition lock switch in the car has a certain service life.

The problem does not appear immediately. At first, the ignition lock bites a little when turning.

Then you need to make more effort to turn the lock.

And in the end, you can't turn the ignition switch anymore..

Never pour to pour WD40 into the ignition lock. And similar liquids too.

All you need is to call the masters with

We will dismantle the ignition switch, and making complete replacement of unusable parts.

If necessary, the key blade will also be replaced with a new one.

You can perform this procedure yourself.

Or just buy a new lock and put it in place of the old one.


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