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The ignition lock does not turn on Audi, VW Seat, Skoda.

Updated: Aug 7, 2022

We repair or replace the ignition locks on these cars.

Below we will describe the reason why this happens.

A very common problem is when the ignition lock stops turning on VAG concern cars. This is typical for locks installed on car models from about 2006 to 2010.

The problem lies in the design of the lock. You probably noticed how the ignition lock works.

After turning the switch into the starter, the car starts. The key returns to position 3. If the car has stalled, many drivers try to start it again by turning the key to the starter position. But the lock does not allow this to be done. You need to return the key to position 0 and turn the key to the starter position again. This is done so that the driver, while the engine is running, cannot turn the key into the starter position.

The role of the blocker is performed by a mechanism in the interior of the ignition lock.

And to put it simply, one of the mechanisms performing this process is a thin partition made of silumin alloy.

The driver, after turning from the starter position to position 3, tries to turn the ignition lock again, but the lock is not triggered. And this thin partition blocks the turning of the mechanisms.

Since the driver is trying to turn the ignition lock anyway. This thin plate is beginning to deform. Over time, microcracks form in it. And eventually, this partition breaks down.

When the partition is broken, this small piece of metal jams the further operation of the lock.

In 95% of such cases, repairs are made. And after this repair, the lock will no longer have this problem. But you will not have a steering wheel lock. Which is not so important for many.

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