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Yamaha proxy key replacement.

Updated: Jul 13, 2023

Yamaha proxy key replacement.

On some scooters and motorcycles manufactured by Yamaha, proxy keys are used.

But the key may be lost. May be stolen.

We offer a service to replace your lost key.

If you are not far from on,we can come and replace your lost proxy keys

If you are far away. You need to remove the ECU unit (SCU) from your motorcycle or scooter and send it to us.

The work is carried out within 1-2 days.

We are adding the data of the new proxy to the system.

After that, the CU (SCU) is sent to you. But with a new proxy.

Most models are supported

Aerox 2018+

Grand Filino

Janus 2018 +







We also work with other brands of motorcycles and scooters.

Yamaha proxy key replacement

Yamaha proxy key replacement

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